Learning to scuba dive is one of the most exciting and rewarding journeys you can take — but there are a few things you should know about beginning to scuba dive. Here, you’ll find all of the information you need to learn to scuba dive, from the basics on what it takes to become a certified scuba diver, to the best scuba gear for beginners and frequently asked questions about scuba diving.

Learning to scuba dive involves mastering basic scuba skills and knowledge so you can explore the underwater world in a safe, enjoyable manner. Use these basic scuba diving tips to see the types of scuba skills you’ll learn in an Open Water Diver course, or to freshen up on your dive knowledge.

The lessons you learn in a scuba diving certification course — Open Water Diver or the equivalent — will help you master basic scuba skills so you feel comfortable and competent underwater. Here, we break down how to get certified for scuba diving and the scuba diving lessons you’ll learn throughout the process.