Deep sea fishing is a kind of fishing that requires a trip out into the Caribbean Sea and it’s deep waters. The water depth should be at least 30 meters to be considered deep sea fishing area. If traveling by boat tends to make you a little queasy, then plan ahead and be ready with the proper medication.  This fishing technique is typically referred to as sport or offshore fishing or big game fishing. From Voyager


SAILFISH – Istiophorus americanus
Caught regularly from January through JUNE. Particularly APRIL MAY over the week of the full moon.

Potential is strictly for sportsfish. Up to 73 lbs. in size have been caught locally. It is fished anywhere outside the reef.

Sharks of various types are found in local waters, and even the whale shark of 45 ft. length has been sighted and confirmed, outside the Caye Caulker reef.

Many blackfin tuna schools definitely reported from Glovers Reef and Utilla. Tuna feed on sardines and herring.

ALBACORE TUNA – similar to Thunnus alalunga
Feeds on mackerels, herring and sardines. Often caught locally by Kingfish trollers, during February, March, and April.

Suggested gear is trammel walled gill nets. Size 2 to 3 ft. and about 10 lbs. weight.

BONITO – Katsuwonus pelamis
About 2 ft. long and 20 lbs. wt. Schooling occurs during APRIL JUNE. Scattered schools sighted other times and reported by other fishermen as bonitos but unconfirmed. Could be an all year round fish. Strongly suspected to be a 9 month season in the Gulf of Honduras.

YELLOWFIN TUNA – similar to Thunnus catalinae P.
Quantities unknown. Caught occasionally the first half of the year. This is a deep swimming fish and not usually seen, but definitely present. Recommended gear is longline. Hot location reputed to be 15 miles southeast of Glovers Reef south point. It has not been developed commercially by locals and no research carried out on seasonal variations. Weight about 125 lbs. Surface water temperature of above 69ÁF recommended above a shallow thermocline of about 30 fathoms.

BLUEFIN TUNA – Thunnus thynnus
A rare one landed occasionally. This is a constantly moving pelagic fish and has no known potential. A surface water temperature of above 69ÁF needed for successful catches. Recommended gear is longline equipment. Runs up to 800 lbs. in weight.


$1140 Up to 4 People

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At the end of fishing tour
our guides fillet’s your catch and our kitchen prepares it.